Committee / Vorstand


The Club Management Committee (Deutsch: Vorstand) is comprised of three individuals responsible for all aspects of the club. As of the 2017 AGM these are:

·         Martin Bailey, 1. Vorsitzender /Chairperson

·         Hugh Kavanagh, 2. Vorsitzender / Vice Chair

·         Paul Woodland, Kassenwart / Treasurer

Additional club officers are elected to roles in support of club operations.

The first point of contact for all committee related matters is the Club Secretary (Fergus Burke) via the club email


martin new (1).jpg


Martin Bailey

(IRL - Co. Wexford)

Business entrepreneur, singer, hurler and professional pain-in-the-arse

hugh profile (1).jpg

Vice Chairperson:

Hugh Kavanagh

(IRL - Co. Limerick)

Engineering savant, contrarian and whiskey appreciator


fergus crop.jpg

Club Secretary:

Fergus Burke (IRL - Co. Meath)

Original Berliner, meticulous and prone to moments of reckless abandon on the pitch.


Club Development Officer:

Marc Schleunitz (DE - Berlin)

Our suave bearded local, academic and absolute dude


Paul original.jpg

Treasurer: Paul Woodland (UK - Manchester)

Compulsory Englishman, required under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement



Public Relations Officer: Dáire Murray (IRL - Co. Wicklow)

See below for details.....


Irish Language & Culture Officer: Dáire Murray (IRL - Co. Wicklow)

Man of the people, rascal and bohemian Berliner



Club Childrens'/Youth Officer: Sinéad Kavanagh (IRL - Co. Wexford)

Social hand-grenade, considerate though liable to combust through sheer enthusiasm


Coaching Development Officers

hugh profile.jpg

Camogie, Hurling & Gaelic Football: Hugh Kavanagh (IRL - Co. Limerick)

Twin brother of Vice-Chair, nicer lad altogether

Coaching Teams

Player Representatives:


Hurling & Gaelic Football: Nigel Kinnarney (IRL - Co. Offaly)

De facto club poet, rogue, easily swayed to a song


Camogie & Ladies Gaelic Football: Christin Lutze (DE - Saxony)

Blocks a path better than Gandalf, fearless full-back, commited club member