Hamburg Road-trip 04/11/2017

After participating in our first Official GAA tournament in late September at the Dresden tournament, we built upon the new connections made and accepted an invite from Hamburg GAA to participate in a series of friendly games. A fleet of Berlin vehicles assembled early Saturday morning and headed up to Hamburg for what promised to be an exciting meeting with another young GAA club.

Photo Credit: Niels aus Hamburg

With matches in Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie & Ladies Gaelic Football, there was enough action to keep everyone busy. The work being done with the Camogie shone through as the ladies played confidently and continued to benefit from competitive playing experience. The Berliners were still buzzing after getting home and spontaneous 'social gatherings' (*ahem*) sprung up around the city as people recounted their trip to any poor soul within shouting distance. 

The Club Committee would like to thank Hamburg GAA for their warm welcome and German GAA / Deutscher Bund Gälischer Sportarten for their continuing support to-date. 

Photo Credit: Hamburg GAA

Photo Credit: Hamburg GAA

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