German GAA Youth Officer 04/05/2018

Congratulations to our own Club Youth Officer, Sinead Kavanagh, on taking up the role as the first German GAA Youth Officer (trumpet blast! crowd cheers!). History made!

Copy of GGE Referee Training 14-15th Apri. 2018 Berlin (1).png

Daniel Thiem, current German GAA / Deutscher Bund Gälischer SportartenChairperson, said of the appointment, "As our youth officer, Sinead will support the growth of youth gaelic games in Germany. Thanks to funding from the Global Games Development Grant 2018 the DBGS is able to support our youth clubs in their plans to hold several youth events for gaelic games. Sinead will help coordinate the efforts between the clubs and the committee of the DBGS."

We're a little more emotive in our praise of her here in Berlin, as Sinead has been central to a huge amount of our event organization and prioritization of the kids and youth sections. We're all very proud of her stepping in to help at the national level and leading sustainable GAA youth development in Germany.

And no, her soaked in a yellow plastic bag or getting put ungracefully on her arse were not the worst photos we had... but we've got to hold back something for leverage ;-) #DiscoQueen

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